Irreversible Defacement

GlueFusion indissolubly glues the individual banknotes in a cash cassette together. Because banknotes are stacked tightly into the cassette, activation will result in a so-called brick of banknotes. Separating an individual banknote is impossible. A banknote will tear, which alters the physical properties of the banknote. This means it will not be accepted by cashiers, nor by automated payment systems, such as ticket machines at train stations. With GlueFusion, a criminal attack is completely futile!




Integral or Stand-Alone Solution

Criminal MO’s (Modus Operandi) change continuously. Therefore, security solutions must be able to adjust accordingly, without immediately resulting in a divestment.

GlueFusion ATM cassettes can be optionally connected (wirelessly) to a central, intelligent controller, that is also installed inside the ATM. Subsequently, the controller can receive triggers from several external sensors, such as Mactwin’s Gas Detection Unit, but also e.g. seismic sensors, camera’s, intrusion detection systems and shutter detection.
When required, GlueFusion ATM can also be used as a stand-alone solution in an ATM cassette, driven by autonomous sensors inside the cassette. For example if the cassette is taken out of the ATM without proper authorisation. Moreover, GlueFusion ATM has a sabotage switch that triggers an activation upon unauthorised opening of the cassette.

Why GlueFusion ATM?

  • Indissolubly glues banknotes together on activation
  • Cash inside the ATM cassette is rendered worthless
  • No false activations
  • Decrease of criminal attacks
  • Fits in all ATM cassettes
  • Replacing complete cassette is still possible

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