Quality Assurance Mactwin Security Solutions

Quality is considered of paramount importance

Mactwin offers effective security systems that also comply with applicable standards and regulations. We consider our quality assurance of paramount importance to our company. Quality of solutions, approach ánd coworkers. This is why Mactwin has several quality certifications.

BORG Certified

Our BORG Certificates

  • BORG Structural Security Company
  • BORG Technical Security Company
  • BORG Alarm Installation Company 

Being a BORG-certified company, Mactwin exclusively designs security solutions that consist of a combination of organizational, structural and electronic security measures that match your specific risks. To this end, we use the improved risk classification (Verbeterde Risicoklassenindeling, VRKI) tool.

BMI:2011 Certified

Mactwin is certified according to the new CCV BMI:2011 regulations. This makes Mactwin a certified partner for the design, installation, commissioning and delivery of fire detection systems. It also entails we are certified for performing service and maintenance of said fire detection systems.

This certification proves we have the knowledge and skills to design, install, service and certify state of the art fire detection systems. Naturally, in compliance with applicable legislation and regulations.


Our BMI:2011 Certification

  • BMI:2011 Delivery
  • BMI:2011 Installing
  • BMI:2011 Maintenance

VCA Certified

With our VCA* 2008/5.1 certification, we prove objectively that we take great care where safety in the workplace is concerned. We will do our utmost to minimize the number of accidents. VCA is a versatile program that tests and certifies companies, like Mactwin, for their management system voor Safety, Health and Environment (SHE). More and more clients indicate that a VCA Certificate is mandatory to do business with them.