Security Solutions for the industrial sector

Security solutions improve efficiency

For the industrial sector, it's all about continuity and safety. If something goes wrong in the manufacturing process, this needs to be detected immediately. Moreover, process ánd product safety need to be ensured. The need for reliable security solutions is paramount, especially for this industry. Mactwin offers solutions that contribute to the optimization of your production and logistic processes and helps you improve the overall safety in and around your facility.


Intelligent Security Solutions
Well thought out, intelligent security solutions can optimize production processes. Mactwin integrates various security solutions, like access control, intrusion detection, camera surveillance and fire prevention, not only with each other, but also with your own systems for process management or human resources registration, if you so require. Resulting in a coherent, balanced and efficient whole.

We employ security technology for preventing unwanted individuals from accessing your premises, limiting access to certain areas, detecting fires or prove your compliancy with laws and legislations. Cameras are implemented for security purposes or to monitor processes. In some industries, cameras are used to operate heavy machinery; more precisely than with the naked eye.


Production and fire safety

In many industrial environments, fire is a risk that is ever present. Therefore, fast fire detection is essential. This requires fire detectors that are suitable for the specific circumstances. They need to be able to respond quickly, even in situations where dust, fog or other interferences occur. Subsequently, the number of false alarms from these interferences needs to be minimized. Mactwin has an abundance of knowledge of industrial processes, circumstances and types of detectors.


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Monitoring and optimizing logistic processes


Smart technology can help you monitor and optimize your logistic processes. License plate recognition cameras recognize inbound and outbound vehicles.

Guest Automator, linked to your own logistic and planning systems, can automatically grant access to expected trucks or other vehicles. Also, a camera system can be used to supervise dock shelters, create footage of the shipping process or to establish which goods wound up in which truck and when.

Card Management

Managing access cards or tokens can be a time consuming task for big organizations. On the other hand, when your organization is smaller, your employees will probably not get enough hands-on experience in issuing the necessary credentials. This means they won't get the routine they need to issue the credentials efficiently, taking up unnecessary time they could be spending differently. Do you want your employees to be able to focus on their core tasks? We would be happy to do the Card Management for you.

Food Defense


Companies in the food industry are required, in accordance with recent legislation, to have a food defense plan. The goal is to motivate these companies to do everything in their power to produce safe food. Food defense is different from food safety. Food safety has to do with HACCP requirements, whereas food defense concerns security measures, like:

  • site fencing
  • controled access to sites, buildings and areas
  • identification and registration of visitors, external service providers and transport companies

Mactwin provides and maintains security measures that are necessary to ensure food safety, as intended in the food defense plan. Naturally, we will make sure that the security measures will not interfere with your production and logistic processes. Quite the contrary: security measures will generally support your core processes, giving you more oversight and business intelligence.


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