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Remote Service & Maintenance

Meticulous maintenance is more than just the periodic maintenance of systems. It's also delivering and implementing of software updates, monitoring, analyzing / reducing false alarm rates and reconfiguring, adding or (re)moving detection equipment. Most of these activities can be done remotely, from within our Remote Operation Center. Not only is this very efficient, it also saves money ánd spares our environment.

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Application Management


From our Operation Center, our experienced specialists can support you with Application Management. We can help you with:

  • securing relevant video footage after an incident
  • your card management, including the issuing of access cards
  • configuring your security systems
  • compiling (management) reports

This ensures a continuously high level of your security measures and keeps them tuned to your ever changing organization. Not only do we help you with managing the hassle, but this will also reduce costs.

Proactive Monitoring

From our Operation Center, we can monitor your systems proactively. This enables us to detect any sign of disturbance or malfunction in an early stage, which in turn allows for the fast resolve of the incident. In some situations, we will even be able to act preventively and nip an incident or malfunction in the bud. Without precious travel time. If there's a problem with a camera or a harddisk that's almost reached it's max capacity, we will be automatically notified so we can immediately take (remote) action.

Only if a problem cannot be fixed remotely, we will send one of our technicians to your location. Generally, we will know exactly what's going on, so we can send the best equipped specialist to you. It doesn't get any more efficient than this.

Secure and Stable Connections

For all these services, Mactwin exclusively uses high secure and stable connections between the Operation Center and the client's security network. There are - depending on the desired security level and the situation - several options. One of the options is a secure IPSec VPN Tunnel over the internet or a dedicated closed connection across a special, customer specific line. Naturally, you decide when we have access to your systems.

The Mactwin Remote Operation Center works on a completely separated and secure network, from a secured area. The workstations and servers are configured with the latest technology and equipped with cutting edge security measures, firewalls and anti-virus software.


Ask our specialists

Of course, there's much more to tell about our Remote Services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our specialists.

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