Gas Protection Unit (GPU)

What is a Gas Attack?

A gas explosion attack is a method that involves a combustible gas, sometimes combined with oxygen, being injected in an ATM, whereupon the gas is ignited from a safe distance in order to break into the ATM’s vault. This entire scenario only takes a few minutes. Not every ATM gas attack is successful for the criminals. However, the damage to the ATM and surrounding buildings is enormous and gas attacks put people nearby at risk.


How does the GPU work?
GPU’s Detection Module contains a number of highly accurate gas sensors that detect any injected gas and/or oxygen within a few seconds. Upon detection, the central intelligent Controller Module activates the unique Protection Module and other integrated alarm systems. The Protection Module itself renders the dangerous gas ineffective. Thanks to the unique combination of innovative techniques, an explosion will be impossible. The active protection window is unlimited! Therefore, a gas attack is completely futile. By integrating alarm notification, the chance of catching the criminals will increase considerably.


Installation and Integration

With a small footprint and minimal ATM adjustment, the GPU is quick and easy to install in every ATM. Because the complete GPU is installed inside the ATM vault, the system itself is well protected against tampering. The GPU functions fully autonomously, independent of the main power, thanks to the UPS. Of course, other ATM security products to frustrate the criminals can be
easily integrated, like sirens, strobe lights, a fog generator or defacement modules (like GlueFusion) in the cash cassettes. Of course, an alarm notification can be sent immediately after gas detection. The GPU’s Central Controller Module has plenty of outputs and includes an integrated function for event history (logging), including Real Time Clock.
High Quality
Testing & Certification
While developing the GPU, Mactwin has conducted extensive testing, both on-site as in ballistic arenas. On top of that, we had the Belgian ANPI Institute officially certify the functioning of the GPU. The GPU is EMC approved and all components have the CE marking.
The GPU only uses sustainable and high quality components, so that service and maintenance have been reduced to an absolute minimum, which in turn reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) considerably.

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