Gatekeeper Access Control Module

What is Gatekeeper?

Gatekeeper ensures that only a single individual can enter a secured area by means of volume measurement. Combined with a biometric access system, to ensure also the right individual enters the vehicle, GateKeeper offers a complete and highly effective access control system.


How does Gatekeeper work?

Gatekeeper applies photonics technology to measure the volume occupied by a single person in a space. This measurement is stored by Gatekeeper and transformed to a signal that is sent to an access management system. If a subsequent volume measurement does not match with the stored measurement, for instance, as a result of tailgating or piggybacking, access is denied. Volume measurements can be stored beforehand for all personnel or only when a specific individual leaves the secured area.


Why choose Gatekeeper?

  • Prevents tailgating and piggybacking in secured areas
  • Applicable in very small spaces (unlike camera systems)
  • Easily installed without compromising the dimensions or functional features of the space
  • Interoperable with biometric access control systems

Ask our specialists

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