MactwinBox 4 for armoured vehicles

Reliable and Cost Effective Solution

Internationally, the MactwinBox is praised by its users for its reliability. In case of an attack, the MactwinBox is typically left behind at the crime scene. Moreover, the number of false activations is the lowest in the business. Besides, MactwinBox offers you a most cost effective solution. Thanks to its modular build, you only choose (and pay) for the modules or options you truly need and that fit your process to a tee. When we were designing the MactwiBox, we took into account that it would have to endure some heavy, intense usage. The materials and components that we chose are best of breed, resulting in a MactwinBox lifetime that often exceeds 8 years on the job. And the maintenance costs? They are absolutely minimal.


Multiple carriers fit single intelligent cover
There are several carriers that fit onto the same MactwinBox 4 cover. Besides the standard sizes (Small, Medium & Large), you can also choose a Multidrop or so-called Bito carrier.

The Multidrop carrier allows you to perform multiple consecutive cash pickups at different retail locations, without returning to your CIT vehicle between each location to deposit the collected cash into a vehicle-safe. The Bito carrier was specifically designed to transport jewelry and precious metals.

The intelligent MactwinBox 4 cover can be combined with any carrier of your choice. Now, that’s efficiency!


Irreversible Cash Degradation

One of the MacwinBox’s main components is the cash degradation module. Its job is to irreversible degrade any cash inside the MactwinBox, in case of an attack. The objective is to render the degraded cash completely useless to any criminal.
Our High Energy degrading method irreversibly alters the physical properties of the banknotes; in a way that the cash will never be accepted by a cashier, nor by an automated payment centre.
Opening and Activation
Depending on your wishes and processes, you are able to choose between several means op operation. The basic edition comes standard with a programmable time lock and electronic keys (iButton or proprietary, high secure keys). This edition is particularly suited for one-man-crew operations.
The highly advanced RF module allows the CIT vehicle’s driver to remotely open and activate the MactwinBox. If you so desire, the RF module can be extended with track & trace functionality that allows you to follow and monitor each MactwinBox from inside your control room.
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