MactwinBox 4S for Softskin Vehicles

Multiple Collections in One Run

MactwinBox 4S comes with an intelligent vehicle rack, that by default offers room for 8 MactwinBoxes. This enables the (one-man) crew to visit an impressive 40-60 retail customers each day. In case of an attack on the softskin vehicle, all MactwinBoxes inside will automatically activate and irreversibly degrade the cash they hold. Not only can you visit more retail customers, but also you only choose (and pay) for the modules or options you truly need and fit your process.

Multidrop Carrier

The MactwinBox 4S cover is combined with the Multidrop carrier, which is equipped with a tamper-proof sealbag deposit slot. The Multidrop carrier easily accommodates 10 sealbags or more. When a carrier is full, the custodian returns to the vehicle to get another MactwinBox to visit the remaining clients. 

Irreversible Cash Degradation

One of the MacwinBox’s main components is the cash degradation module. Its job is to irreversible degrade any cash inside the MactwinBox, in case of an attack. The objective is to render the degraded cash completely useless to any criminal.
Our High Energy degrading method irreversibly alters the physical properties of the banknotes; in a way that the cash will never be accepted by a cashier, nor by an automated payment centre.
Opening and Activation
Thanks to the mechanical and tamperproof deposit slot, used to drop cash-filled sealbags inside, MactwinBox can only be opened when safely in the cash center; thus providing an End-to-end solution. The programmable time lock is the standard means of operation for MactwinBox 4S.
If the MactwinBox 4S is not placed back into the vehicle rack before the timer expires, it will automatically activate, degrading all the cash it holds inside. If you wish alternative means of opening and activation, we can seamlessly integrate the system to suit your operation.
Ask our Specialists

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Chief Technology Officer

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