MactwinBox CIT Cash Box

Why world's leading CIT companies choose MactwinBox

MactwinBox 4 is a reliable and cost effective solution. In case of an attack, criminals typically leave the MactwinBox behind at the crime scene and the number of false activations is the lowest in the business. The durable materials and components often allow for MactwinBox lifetime to exceed 8 years, thus significantly reducing the Total Costs of Ownership.

For Armoured Vehicles

Thanks to the modular build, MactwinBox 4 is the cashbox that always fits seamlessly into your CIT processes that involve armoured vehicles. You choose the modules that your processes require and therefore only pay for what you truly need. The reliability and low TCO (Total Costs of Ownership) of MactwinBox4 are unparalleled.

Reliable and Cost effective Solution

Internationally, the MactwinBox is praised by its users for its reliability. In case of an attack, the MactwinBox is typically left behind at the crime scene. Moreover, the number of false activations is the lowest in the business.

Opening and Activation

Depending on your wishes and processes, you are able to choose between several means op operation. The basic edition comes standard with a programmable time lock and electronic keys (iButton or proprietary keys).

Irreversible Cash Degradation

One of the MacwinBox’s main components is the cash degradation module. Its job is to irreversible degrade any cash inside the MactwinBox, in case of an attack. The degraded cash will be completely useless to any criminal.

Multiple Carriers fit Single Intelligent Cover

You can combine the intelligent MactwinBox 4 cover with any carrier of your choice. Besides the standard sizes (Small, Medium & Large), you can also choose a Multidrop or so-called Bito carrier. Now, that’s efficiency!

MactwinBox 4 for Armoured Vehicles
For Soft Skin Vehicles

MactwinBox 4S is the cashbox that always fits seamlessly into your CIT processes that involve softskin vehicles. This end-to-end solution is specifically designed for CIT companies that are active in retail environments. The system allows you to perform multiple consecutive cash pickups at different retail locations, without returning to your softskin CIT vehicle to deposit the collected cash. MactwinBox 4S ís the safe!

Perform Multiple Consecutive Pickups

Without returning to your vehicle to deposit the collected cash into a vehicle-safe, you can visit several customers. This enables the (one-man) crew to visit an impressive 40-60 retail customers each day.

Programmable Time Lock

The programmable time lock is the standard means of operation for MactwinBox 4S. If the MactwinBox 4S is not placed back into the vehicle rack before the timer expires, it will automatically activate.

Irreversible Cash Degradation

Our High Energy degrading method irreversibly alters the physical properties of the banknotes; in a way that the cash will never be accepted by a cashier, nor by an automated payment centre.

Multidrop Carrier

The MactwinBox 4S cover is combined with the Multidrop carrier, which is equipped with a tamper-proof sealbag deposit slot. The Multidrop carrier easily accommodates 10 sealbags or more.

MactwinBox 4S for Soft Skin Vehicles
Succesful since 1978

When introducing MactwinBox, we initiated a revolution in de field of CIT. The number of attacks on Cash in Transit operations decreased dramatically because criminals were only rewarded with worthless, defaced cash. Of course technology has changed since that time. Essentially, MactwinBox still does the same: keeping cash safe.

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