NoteStainer Cash Defacement

What is NoteStainer?

While your cash is considered safe inside the deposit safe, there is still a potential risk of robbery when replenishing the machines and carrying the cassettes to the armoured car. NoteStainer decreases attractivity by deploying banknote defacement inside the cash cassette, making it highly suitable for deposit safes located in a retail environment. The permanent red ink stains the banknotes, making them worthless to thieves; yet maintaining the possibility to be identified by banks.


How does NoteStainer work?

A thin, detonable Smoke&Dye system is placed onto or into an empty cash cassette and the cassette is inserted into the deposit safe, or any other automated payment center. When the cassette is full and is taken out of the safe, it can be placed (without the need for access to the contents) inside the value transport box, like the MactwinBox. In case of an emergency, the transport
officer can remotely detonate NoteStainer. It will subsequently emit coloured smoke, which will attract attention to the criminal and permanently deface the banknotes. NoteStainer can be programmed to detonate manually by the press of a button or automatically when the NoteStainer has left its signal area and the vicinity of the base station.

Why choose NoteStainer?

  • Banknote defacement inside cash cassettes
  • Banknotes are rendered worthless to criminals, yet remain identifiable for banks
  • Draws attention to the criminal
  • Programmable and flexibly integrated in any process

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