Integral Security

Advantages of Integration

System Integration offers many advantages. When done right, the system does much of the thinking and handling for you. Proactively; like when you deactivate the intrusion detection system, the access control levels are automatically adjusted. Or when a burglary attempt is detected, camera feeds are automatically used to verify the burglary. Subsequently, two-way communication is established that allows the security guards in the control room to immediately address the perpetrators.


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For SMEs and Multinationals

The complexity of the integration depends on your ambition, the size of your security organization and the available hardware and software. We help you in making the appropriate choice for a tools that suit your situation now and in the future.

For Small and Medium Enterprises we offer Cemacs Security Suite. With Cemacs you can easily integrate your camera observation system, access control and burglar alarm system and manage them from the user-friendly interface. In Cemacs we combine security products from several leading brands into the best integrated solution for your situation. You are not tied to one brand of hardware and in many cases integrating existing hardware is possible too. Learn more about Cemacs.
Does the scale or complexity of your organization demand a more advanced solution? Then we choose Nedap AEOS, an extremely flexible, future-proof and easy to use solution. As a Nedap business partner, Mactwin is always the first to be informed about new developments related to Nedap AEOS and we have instant access to Nedap’s support engineers. You manage AEOS with a user-friendly, simple web dashboard. Wherever you are, you can always monitor, adapt and respond. If an incident occurs, you get a real-time report. Learn more about Nedap AEOS.
The IPSecurityCenter PSIM aims to minimize security risks of organizations. IPSecurityCenter has very extensive possibilities for incidents, and a crisis level, workflows, and response planning process assistants to create that support security staff and managers when performing the right actions and making the right decisions. Also automatic actions triggered this. Read what IPSecurityCenter can do for you. Learn more about IPSecurityCenter.

Integral Security Solutions


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