Effective security solutions for office buildings

Security Solutions for Office Buildings

Continuity and efficient business management are of high priority, as well as assuring employees a safe working environment. Modern security solutions can hold the key to significant improvements to both. Modern solutions are user-friendly and support processes within the company. By combining security systems, such as those for access control, with existing systems for visitor management or HRM, the amount of administrative tasks can be greatly reduced. Improving efficiency and increasing the security level of an organization.

Mactwin integrates Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Video Surveilance, Video Content Analysis, Fire Detection and other security systems.
Your processes, wishes and goals are central to these integrations.



Integral Security Management
Mactwin can integrate all your security measures for fire, access management, intrusion detection, video surveillance, video analysis and building management into one management solution. This creates a central Command & Control System for one or more locations.
This system supports your security staff in making appropriate decisions and taking the right actions at the right time, in case of an incident or emergency. Also, you can save considerable amounts of money on staffing costs.



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