Security Consultancy Services

Independent Security Experts

Mactwin's consultants are independent risk management experts. Their expertise focuses principally on managing risks of crime and disruption. This concerns aspects like Business Continuity, Compliance and Crisis Management.

Our consultants support companies and governments in the total risk management process; from policy-making to implementation and management of the security measures.


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Consultancy Services

To gain insight into your current security situation, we can perform audits for you.
If you need a security manager ad interim, you can temporarily employ one of our consultants.


A Security Audit is used to assess whether your security and safety measures are effective and enforced. Depending on your requirements, we establish new audits, optimize existing audits or execute audits, using audit software. Swiftly and consistently. Learn more about Security Audits.
You can add an ad interim security manager to your team for a fixed period, or subscription based. All of your security tasks and responsibilities can be delegated to this person. Learn more about Interim Security Management.

Octagon Security Method


Defining and implementing coherent security measures is complex and demands a substantial investment in time and money. With the Octagon Security Method, you can solve you security conundrums efficiently and consistently.

More about the Octagon Security Method


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