Tiger Kidnapping

What is Tiger Kidnapping?

Tiger Kidnapping is a form of hostage taking that is primarily aimed against an employee with high level security clearance and usually means that his/her loved ones are being held hostage to exert pressure on this employee. The threat is imminent and leaves the employee no other choice but to cooperate with the criminals. Either the employee does the criminal's bidding, or the hostages will get hurt or be killed. Criminals that use this Modus Operandi are in it for large sums of money or valuables like diamonds for ransom. Tiger Kidnapping is a gruesome scenario with often traumatic consequences for the people involved.

This criminal scenario takes its name from the tiger which, before striking, first extensively stalks and studies its prey.



To prevent Tiger Kidnapping, you will need to make clear to criminals during their observation and preparation phases, that this scenario is futile. Besides taking technical measures, we advise you to establish a comprehensive package of procedures and separation of duties, that (technically) requires multiple persons to open a vault, for example.


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