Effective and User Friendly Access Control Systems

Access Control System

With an access control system you can manage who – and where and when - may enter a building or certain areas, cabinets, or who can open a locker or safe. It also gives you lots of valuable information in case of emergencies. Besides it can partially automate your business.

How can you benefit and find the right solution for your specific situation? It depends on many factors, e.g. your risks, goals and desired level of security. It is important that measures suit the risk, are in proportion and that they support your processes rather than hinder them.

Mactwin Security Solutions offers access control solutions for (medium) complex security issues. We are aware of the critical success factors. In close cooperation with you we will find an appropriate and well balanced solution.

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Coherent and Balanced Security Measures

To determine the level of access control at the various doorways, the Octagon Security Methodology of Mactwin is a practical tool.

This methodology starts with naming and classifying various process areas of an organization into, for example, ‘open’, ‘public’, ‘standard’ and ‘secure’. Octagon Security Methodology includes best practices for the area transitions, in which the technical specifications of the security measures to be applied are incorporated. Octagon visually shows the security standards per area transition.

By applying the Octagon Security Methodology, you are assured of coherent and balanced security measures.

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Integrate your Access Control System with Other Systems

Access control systems can be integrated with other (security) systems. This makes it easier to manage the system and handle alarms. Our brands:

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