Constructional Security

Constructional Measures Essential Part of Effective Security

In order to effectively secure buildings, constructional security measures are essential. These measures discourage intruders and delay them if they do try to enter your premises. For the latter, it is important to compartmentalize a building into risk areas. By creating sufficient delay time after detection, the chance of apprehending the criminal increases, without him reaching his targeted loot.

The Octagon Security Method is an efficient tool when you want to compartmentalize your building into security areas, based on the presence of valuable goods, information and or processes in the area concerned.


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Implementation of Constructional Security

Mactwin advises you - depending on your risk profile, the openness and appearance of your location - regarding an effective combination of electronic and constructional security measures. We do this by using BIESS™, a proven best practices method. In order to effectively deploy constructional measures, it is imperative that you involve Mactwin in your building plans as early as possible.

Not only does Mactwin consult, we can also deliver a security project completely turn-key. Of course, we ensure optimal integration with other (existing) security measures.

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