Fire Detection

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Fire detectors are essential to detect a fire as early as possible. When choosing fire detectors you must take into account the expected type of fire and any negative interfering conditions.

Our product portfolio includes various types of manual fire alarm stations and automatic fire detectors, as well as aspiration systems and flame detectors. Mactwin always gives you expert advice on which fire detectors are most suitable in your situation.


Fire Test


In order to determine the proper functioning of automatic fire detectors, a fire test can be performed. A fire test is carried out in a normal operating situation and under the most unfavorable conditions. The Dutch NEN 2535 standard describes different types of fire tests. What fire test is performed, depends on the performance requirements (according a certain fire size) specified in the Schedule of Requirements.
For example, a fire test with fire polyurethane foam mats is performed in order to simulate a smoldering fire. You can also use other materials such as beech wood blocks and methylated spirits to perform a fire test. According to the standard the central fire panel should trigger an alarm within the combustion time of the material. The amount of materials or liquid to be used, depends on the height of the room.

Avoid False Alarms

When choosing suitable fire detectors for your situation, you should not only take into account the type of fire, but also the potential interfering conditions that can cause false alarms, like steam, cooking fumes or dust.

When designing an installation and choosing the right type of fire detector, we always take into account any interfering conditions to avoid false alarms.

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