Intrusion Detection tuned to Risks and Processes

Intrusion Detection tuned to your risks and processes

Designing a good intrusion prevention solution is a specialty. The composition of your solution depends, among other things, on your business processes, the risks that must be controlled and the location of the property. Moreover, it is important to detect an attempted burglary as early as possible, preferably even outside the premises.

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Detection and Alarm Monitoring

An intrusion detection system is made up of different elements, depending on your risks and business processes. The key components of the system are the detectors and alarm monitoring to a central station.


Detectors are designed to detect intruders as early as possible. The sooner an intruder is detected, the greater the chance that he will be held before he reaches his goal. There are many different detectors available. Each with its own sensing / operating principle, specific application, advantages and disadvantages.
When an alarm notification reaches the central monitoring center, immediate action will be taken. Usually after verification. Thus, the chance that the intruder will be arrested before he reaches his target, will increase

Advantages of Integration

Mactwin offers integration software to allow your intrusion detection systems to cooperate with other security systems. Our integration and management platforms include Cemacs Security, IPSecurityCenter and AEOS.

Thanks to our knowledge and sophisticated product range, we offer optimal security solutions for each and every security project.

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