Our Brands

We are independent on hardware and as such free to choose security measures that best suit your situation. Nevertheless, thanks to our experience we know what systems have proven to be top notch and are proud to be a partner for several leading security brands.



Careful product management

We take the greatest possible care to compile our product portfolio. Our product managers continuously scan the market, looking for new technology that can make or simplify the life and work of our clients. Selected products are extensively tested before they are used in the field. We like to be innovative and consider ourselves early adopters, but never at the expense of reliability. That is why we are still a big fan of proven, wool-dyed systems. The combination of proven with ultramodern often proves to be a golden formula.


Ask our specialists

Of course, there is much more to say about our solutions and product management. If you have any questions about one of our products, please contact one of our specialists.

Jan van Essen

Product Manager

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