Cemacs Security Suite

Cemacs Security Suite

Don't you just love it if nothing stands in the way of your own choices? This is how Cemacs Security Suite works. You choose the modules and hardware you need, specifically for your situation. Determined by you, not limited by technology.


Cemacs Security Suite is security software for integral management of e.g. access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and monitoring. The modular software consists of Mactwin approved Best of Breed security solutions that comply with modern IT and security standards. The software is developed from the perspective of the security professional, but also offers functionality for adjacent domains, such as HRM.


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User Friendly
Your employees will quickly familiarize themselves with the intuitive user interface. This will result in short training times, swift acceptation and happy operators! Cemacs is developed from the perspective of the end user. Developing the user interface, a lot of attention has been paid to user interaction and the support of security related processes.
The reporting module (automatically) generates elaborate reports, including a complete event and alarm history. This will give you situational awareness and enable you to retrospectively retrieve and analyze all sorts of information. Quick and orderly. With Cemacs, you combine the unique possibilities of modern security hardware with the smart and user friendly functions of the Cemacs software modules.

Modular and Scalable


You choose if you start out small or big and which modules you purchase at what time. Cemacs is scalable and can grow along with your needs; in low or high secure environments. Cemacs Security Suite offers you all the security functionality you, as modern security professional, facility manager or building owner, need. Cemacs Security Suite consists of separately available modules for Access Control, Card & ID Management, Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, Intercom, Central Security Monitoring and front desk functions. Combined, these modules form an integral solution. A security solution that distinguishes itself from others, by its value for money.

Start out small with Cemacs, by starting with just one module and expand step by step into an integral security solution. Generally, existing cabling and equipment can be re-used. This creates a solution that is suitable for the issues in your specific organization. You will never invest more than necessary.


Hardware Independent
Cemacs is practically independent of hardware and supports multiple open hardware platforms of a large number of brands that produce IP based security cameras, access management controllers, readers, etc.. The software is developed on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Using an extensive library of web services, the software can be integrated with other (corporate) applications.
Cemacs Security Suite allows you to start out small and grow to the most extensive system as your requirements evolve. Do you want to introduce new hardware in an existing environment? No problem for Cemacs! You can use multiple hardware platforms in one single system; the hardware will even work well together with a large number of other software systems, preventing a vendor lock-in.
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