Nedap AEOS Security Management

Nedap AEOS Security Management

Nedap AEOS is a powerful and user friendly web based security management system, based on intelligent network technology. It combines and integrates systems for access control, visitor management, intrusion detection, locker management, parking management and video management.

Nedap AEOS easily integrates your existing security software and hardware systems, thanks to the software architecture and the use of open standards. All security disciplines successfully come together on controller level: switching intrusion detection on or off, searching video footage and presenting an access card. All these events are registered, including the time of the event, and can be configured to automatically generate alarms. The AEOS interface is web based, intuitive and task-centered. This makes it very user friendly.

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Easily configured to suit your wishes

Other systems need a different controller for each type of sensor. This leads to complex implementations and is time consuming if you want to change something. AEOS is much more efficient and offers tons of advantages. The most important is that you don't need to know today, what your security system needs in 5 years. Because if you want to change anything, you don't need to integrate new solutions or install hardware. Uploading the software will suffice.

Besides, Nedap continuously develops new functionality and let's you profit from updates and upgrade assurance. This way, you're always up to date. You can start out small and upgrade and expand AEOS if you need more later on. Or integrate it with your existing systems to improve your security and safeguard your investment.


In control at all times

The software you upload to the controller determines the behavior and thus the functionality of your security. You can deploy 1 security policy across your organization and manage it centrally. Are you subject to specific local regulations? No problem; just adjust the software on the local controller. Another benefit is that the controller makes decisions for itself, thanks to the software. This will prevent unnecessary overload of your network connection with the central server and database. Is the network connection lost? AEOS will keep working: the local controllers are configured with the intelligent software.
Manage easily via the Web
You manage AEOS from a dashboard that's easily accessible from your web browser. This way, you prevent many security risks, that are involved in downloading software onto computers. Different users have different profiles and AEOS is very easy to use, even without training.
It's intuitive; employees effortlessly switch between activities, make fewer mistakes and get more work done in less time. Is there an incident? AEOS sends you realtime messages and you can watch video footage from anywhere and get additional information. This allows you to take immediate action, wherever you are.
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Of course, there's much more to say about Nedap AEOS. If you have any questions, please contact one of our specialists.

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