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Mactwin is an official business partner of Xtralis. Xtralis is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the early detection and visual verification of fire, gas and security threats.

The high-quality security solutions Xtralis are easy to integrate and extremely user-friendly. The ADPRO by Xtralis product line fits well into the product range of Mactwin and is in line with our mission to offer clients effective and user-friendly integrated security solutions.

As a business partner of Xtralis Mactwin always has immediate access to the Xtralis product specialists and we are the first to know about new product develop-ments. Our consultants are trained by Xtralis. They will advise you on the best and most future-proof solution for your situation.

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ADPRO S3000 - IP Access Control


ADPRO S3000 Access Control by Xtralis extends Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to the door, facilitating power supply and network traffic over a single cable. PoE door locks, card readers and biometric sensors leverage existing IP network infrastructure for simplified “plug and use” deployment and low total cost of ownership.

ADPRO S3100 IP Securtiy Panel

The ADPRO S3100 by Xtralis is an IP-based multi-application security panel that integrates access control, intrusion detection, technical control and bank security. It provides a total and modular security solution for single- and multi-site organizations. The security panel offers ultra fast and secure communication over existing IP-networks. Besides the multi-application security panel is fully interoperable with the ADPRO 3000 family of products.


ADPRO V3500 & FastTrace Video Management


Xtralis provides several video management solutions, including the V3500 high-capacity IP video recorder/server that provides virtually unlimited, encrypted network video storage using the latest innovative technology that dramatically reduces power consumption and increases hard disc life. The recorder is suitable for single- and multi-site systems with remote management and offers excellent image quality and highly effective bandwidth usage. Xtralis also provides a digital virtual matrix video for IP video wall applications. The hardware is fully interoperable with the ADRPO 3000 family of products.

ADPRO M3000 Command and Control Software

The ADPRO M3000 is a unified, powerful command and control software solution for situational awareness across life safety and security applications. The ADPRO M3000 provides seamless management and integration between fire protection, video surveillance, and access control. These features combine to provide intelligent, credible information for responding to emergency management situations.
Proactive alerts from your security and safety systems can be integrated through the software. You are not only secured, but you also reduce your staff costs. Moreover, in an emergency, an intelligent response possible. The M3000 software includes a user-friendly graphical interface and rich reporting capabilities, graphical mapping with GPS positioning, extensive alarm management features, video wall control, integrated image registration. Moreover, video metadata can be linked to security events.

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